About Us

She’a Nature is a UK based company that specialises in organic handmade hair and skincare products. All our products are made with organic ingredients such as unrefined Cocoa and Shea butter which have both been imported from the Ivory Coast also known as 'La Côte D'ivoire'.
Our other ingredients include a mixture that has been specially selected which include a range of pure essential oils from our local markets and suppliers in London.
These ingredients will not cause any harm as our products do not contain any fillers or dyes - Strictly Organic)




From a very young age both sisters and founders, would always make and combine oils creating their own creams and soaps. Mylene: "Every time I went out, I would always get complimented on my skin and people would always ask me what I used, I would tell them that I had my own homemade lotion, that I and my little sister Suquinah would use on a daily basis", hence with a lot of reflection and the Yes from God as well as the support from our lovely Mother, we finally began She'a Nature.
It took us years of researching and convincing as we wanted to take this seriously, we knew the responsibility that was at hand and our aim was to make a difference to not only our skin but the environment. This has always been a passion for the both us and we want to share that with you too.
Founded in 2017, an upcoming black business, we want you to be a part of the dream that has already come true ...