FAQ | What To Know

This page has been created to help you find the most frequent answers to your questions that you may have about our online stores ethics, range of natural and organic products.

1, Who are She'a Nature?

She'a Nature is a sisterly-loved run business selling natural & organic hair and skincare company, our aim is to reduce the number of chemicals that we as humans are exposed to. 

We founded our company in 2017 with our idea and it took us years of researching and convincing as we wanted to take this seriously. We knew the responsibility that was at hand and our aim was to make a difference to not only your hair & skin but also our environment. 

Our focus is to make sure that you are exposed to the perfect shopping experience with us, as we truly believe the importance of customer services. We want you to enjoy this journey with us!

2, My body butters/creams have hardened, what can I do to make it soft/ get it back to its soft form?

You could always leave your body butters to steam in the bathroom whilst showering or leave it near a radiator for it to melt. Please note that Shea/ Cocoa Butter does harden and also may have a few hard bits whilst applying to your skin, however this is completely fine, this is the nature of the butters. Which will eventually melt into your skin leaving it feeling soft and luscious.

3, Are all of your products natural/organic?

Yes, we aim to represent our brand name! Please rest assured that our ingredients include a mixture that has been specially selected which include a range of pure essential oils from our local markets and suppliers in London. We also source a majority of our products such as our African Black Soaps, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and also some of our other ingredients from the Ivory Coast.

4, How long do the products last?

We advise that you use our products within 6 months after opening due to the nature of our products. Please make sure to seal your lids on correctly and leave in a cool and dry place. Please also note that we make our products depending on the amount of orders that are placed so that everything is freshly made just for you making it long lasting.

5, How do I patch test?

We understand that everyone's skin is different and some may be a bit concerned with trying out new products, which is why we advise you to take a small amount of product on a cotton bud and rub it either behind your ear, or in the crease of your arm/ both. Wait 24 hours and see what happens if the product irritates you please stop using the product if irritation continues immediately and contact your GP/Medical adviser for further instructions.

6, Will I have a reaction to any of the ingredients listed?

It is highly unlikely due to our products being 100% natural however honestly speaking anything can happen so please make sure you review the ingredients on our page before purchasing with us.

7, Do you ever test on animals?

Our products will not contain any animal bi-products or animal testing, parabens, sodium, laurel sulphate, artificial colours or chemicals, which means that our products are also suitable for Vegetarians & some of our products for VegansStrictly Natural!

8, How can I get information on your products?

We always give a detailed description on our products with ingredients and instructions on how to use our products. 

9, Are your products child friendly?

Yes, as our products are natural based we are definitely child friendly however please make sure you check the ingredients just in case your child has any allergies.

10, How much is the Shipping & Delivery?

You can view the prices and estimated delivery dates by clicking on the Shipping & Delivery tab located in the footer.

11, Do you accept returns/exchanges?

Due to the nature of our products as well as the current pandemic with Covid-19 for health and safety reasons, we will not be accepting any returns or exchanges. However, If you've received your item damaged upon arrival please do get back in touch with a picture by emailing us at info.sheanature@gmail.com and we shall immediately get back in touch. Please also click on the tab located in the footer on our Refund & Exchange tab

12, Still haven't answered your questions?

If you have any other questions that is not listed in the above please email us at info.sheanature@gmail.com and we will happily be able to assist you