Bask In The Glow Scrub

Bask In The Glow Scrub

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Our Bask In The Glow Scrub helps moisturise dry skin, open pores to cleanse the skin of impurities and increases circulation to give your face or body a warm and healthy glow. This scrub has been specially picked with our lush natural plant extracts and secret blend of essential oils chosen just for you.

Ingredients & Properties:

Dried Calendula Flowers and Petals (ORGANIC), Dried Pomegranate Seeds,Dried Rosemary, Dried Rose Petal,Organic Sugar, Himalayan Salt, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Essential oils

The cells on your body regularly sheds revealing a new and healthier layer of skin underneath and as we get older it’s important to treat yourself for a body scrub. I mean why not? You only live once!

Every ingredient used in this packet of goodness treatment will help aid you gain an experience that can uplift your mood and affect your outlook as you continue either your day or evening after a long day of activities. The Granules in our Bask In The Glow Scrub will help boost circulation and help drain your lymph nodes, by increasing your blood flow whilst the seeds and flowers used all have powerful components such as helping to detox the body, bring healing and nutrition. 

Directions: Make sure you allow your skin to be damp (a bit on the dry side) use botanical body scrub and rub in circular motions all over the face or body and then rinse. However, I personally find it works best after soaking up all that goodness in the tub for at least 10-15 minutes as this will loosen the skin leaving your skin feeling soft and lush. 

Additional Information:

- After the usage of this scrub, I usually begin my normal routine by showering the rest of my face and body with the African black soap using an exfoliating sponge, after this I then apply the whipped butter to my skin.

- This scrub can be used up 1-2 times a week

- Use within 6 months of opening