Berry Rouge Lip Scrub

Berry Rouge Lip Scrub

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Our Berry Rouge Lip Scrub is made with organic ingredients packed with vitamin essentials for tinting, plumping, juicy and flaky free lips.


As a valentine special we thought, why not share our love by presenting this fresh and fruity lip scrub, which smells amazing. We've used ingredients such as beetroots that'll help tint your lips naturally pink and rosy.  Strawberries are also rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, making them a great ingredient for nourishing the skin on your lips. We’ve also used 3 different types of sugars to help remove those stubborn parts away in a gentle manner, providing you with different textures. Lime also provides a perfect pH balance. All ingredients included are also fresh, making our products organic!


- Beetroot

- Strawberries

- Raspberries

- White sugar

- Sugar Cane

- Brown Sugar

- Hint of lime

- Gamma-tocopherol


Directions: Wet your lips with warm water and generously apply lip scrub. Gently massage your lips in a circular motion to allow the sugar granules to exfoliate and the vitamin E oil to moisturise and settle. Wait 2 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Proceed to apply your favourite lip balm.

Additional Information:

Exfoliates lips 

- Helps tint lips making them rosy pink 

Removes the dead skin for nourishment 

- Conditions and softens lips

- After usage of this scrub, I usually begin my normal routine by showering the rest of my face and body with the African black soap using an exfoliating sponge, after this, I then apply the whipped butter to my skin and I'm ready to go!

- This scrub can be used on a daily basis

We recommend avoiding this scrub if you have cracked or split lips as it can sting.

- Use within 3 months of opening

- Store in the fridge as it contains real fruits